80 doesn’t come often!

Not many get to celebrate 80 years of living. On May 9th, my Grandma did! To much of her surprise, friends and family from near and far came to celebrate 80 years of knowing this woman. A friend, a sister, a mother,  a grandmother and a great grandmother, we all gathered together to celebrate how special she is and how much she’s touched each one of us.

Here is how we all got together to celebrate it! (Click below on pink banner to start slideshow) Scroll further to see video of her life.

And here is a video of her life of 80 years. Password: wanda  (click the four arrows next to VIMEO to expand to full view)

Grandma 80th birthday from Stacey Decker on Vimeo.


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Belle Coats

Great party. Wanda looked so happy. She is a wonderful friend.

Belle Coats


Grandpa Chris

That was wonderfull! I’m just sorry I couldn’t be there and see everyone and help celebrate Grndma’s birthday. She looks so happy and I’m happy for her. You done a wonderful job of making this and I’m really proud of you. Lots of love to all,Grandpa Chris.

Jana smith

This is so awesome I love seeing grandpa dad uncle Charles and aunt Wanda even ginger mind and joys horse .

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