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Welcome to the world, baby Blake

Two weeks ago today we said hello to our newest member of our family. After a long day of work on thursday, I came homeView full post »

A father all over again

Because he’s the kind of dad that will cook with his kid. Because he’s the kind of dad that will go to theView full post »

another buttercup coming soon…

I can’t believe we are days away from having another little girl! Emma has been so excited to meet this new baby.View full post »

80 doesn’t come often!

Not many get to celebrate 80 years of living. On May 9th, my Grandma did! To much of her surprise, friends and familyView full post »

Meet Griffin Alexander Marr

My first newborn shoot. I had no clue what I was doing but it was a fun learning experience! Seriously, one of theView full post »

Snow Day – Take II

Snow Day Take II was a blast! We were lucky to get some fresh snow that quickly turned to slush. But it was much betterView full post »

Snow Day 2015

The first ‘real’ snow day of 2015 that was nothing more than a sheet of ice. But of course the kiddo’sView full post »

There is no place like home…

Marni and Ainslee’s newest adventure. A place they can call home.View full post »

Bowling Pro’s

E’s first bowling trip today and she bowled like a pro! The knee socks were a crucial part of their game.Three&#View full post »