Christmas 2017

Emma had a change of tone this holiday season. When asked what she wanted for Christmas she only had 3 small requests for Santa. She used to have a long long list, but I walked in her room one day to find her writing out her needs versus wants and it made me so proud to see that she knows the difference.

Both the girls had a great Christmas but I think they both would’ve been happy with just their stocking alone. It makes me proud and hope they remain that way in years to come!

2018-01-06_00012018-01-06_00022018-01-06_00032018-01-06_00042018-01-06_00052018-01-06_0006And thank you to the best babysitter EVER for snapping our family photos this year! She’s never held a camera and had less than a minute worth of instruction because the sun was setting and we were late getting out there but she did great!


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