Emma’s 7th Art Party!

One thing I’m thankful for is the amount of pictures I’ve taken over the years. I’ve gotten a little lazy picking up that camera in recent years but today I took the time to look back at my sweet girl and her growth and it makes me realize just how important it is to keep that camera near. Click here to see pictures of the child she’s become.  It brings tears to my eyes to see how much she has grown. She loves looking back at the pictures and videos and laughs along with us. I swear each passing year seems like it goes by even quicker.

Emma’s request for a party this year was to have something small, at home, with her nearest and dearest. She doesn’t need a big spot light and enjoys the company of her closest of family and friends. When asked what kind of gifts to get her and what she is into? It was a hard one to answer. Emma is happy with pen and paper. Thats it. She loves to draw and loves art.

Emma has grown to be a mature, reserved, respectful, artistic, athletic, smart girl! She is the best sibling to her little sister. Blake is so lucky to have her as a role model. Its still to early to tell, but I can see them being the best of friends throughout life. Their love for each other is unmeasurable. It makes me happy. She makes me happy! Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet Emma.

2017-12-24_00012017-12-24_00022017-12-24_00032017-12-24_00042017-12-24_00072017-12-24_00052017-12-24_00062017-12-24_00082017-12-24_00092017-12-24_0010And because she wanted to redo her wish… we relit the candle and she got a second chance at it.:)Hope she all of her dreams come true.


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