Snow Day – Take II

Snow Day Take II was a blast! We were lucky to get some fresh snow that quickly turned to slush. But it was much better than the ice we had the week before! Snow day – Take 1 shown here. Thanks Ashly for having us over for the best white chicken chili I’ve ever had and the worst snowman I’ve ever seen.

Marni came prepared. Orange Crushes made with slush! AKA: Orange Slushes!2015-02-28_00012015-02-28_00022015-02-28_00032015-02-28_00042015-02-28_00052015-02-28_00062015-02-28_00072015-02-28_00082015-02-28_00092015-02-28_0010Oh no!!! Olaf drank too many orange slushes!2015-02-28_0011“Let it snow”….2015-02-28_00122015-02-28_00132015-02-28_00142015-02-28_00152015-02-28_00162015-02-28_00172015-02-28_00182015-02-28_00192015-02-28_00202015-02-28_00212015-02-28_0022and next comes the ‘birthing the baby pose’ while sledding.2015-02-28_00232015-02-28_00242015-02-28_00252015-02-28_00262015-02-28_00272015-02-28_00282015-02-28_00292015-02-28_00302015-02-28_00312015-02-28_0032My little butterball!2015-02-28_0033

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Jimmy deals

These are amazing pics..Great Job.

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