Welcome to the world, baby Blake

Two weeks ago today we said hello to our newest member of our family. After a long day of work on thursday, I came home and gave Emma a bath around 6:30pm and while bending over I accidentally broke my own water.  Contractions slowly began and came on strong around 1:30am. We arrived to the hospital around 2:30am. She came quickly, unlike her sister, and was born by 6:10am.  What was supposed to be a planned cesarean turned into a natural birth with no epidural (though I begged for it!). Thank you to my mother and Trey for getting me through it! My birth stories never go as planned but everyone is healthy which is all that matters.

Welcome to our family, little one.

Video Password: blake

Baby Blake Being Born from Stacey Decker on Vimeo.

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