52 Week Project | 2015

I’ve always wanted to do a 365 day project but that seemed daunting so I’ve decided I will attempt a 52 week project. 1 image (or maybe 2 or 3) each week til 2016. I’m excited to look back and see what a year of change will bring.

Week 1 | Our mountain trip. Cooking with daddy. (More images here.)


Week 2 | A bed next to my bed. The awful flu bug.


Week 3 | STILL opening Christmas and birthday gifts. Frozen still haunts us.


Week 4 | First trip to the dentist. (more images here)

2015-01-19_0002Week 5 | Snow day!! School delayed by only 2 hours though.:(

2015-02-02_00052015-02-02_0004Week 6 | Life with multiples. Triplets. It’s a good thing we bought a few bears to replace her favorite bear. She ended up finding them all years ago and now they all have a name and a special place in her heart. Dot Bear, Happy Bear and Sad Bear but Dot trumps them all.

2015-02-15_00022015-02-15_0001Week 7 | Valentines week.

2015-02-15_000320 weeks. half way there.2015-02-15_00042015-02-15_0005Week 8 | Busy this week taking pictures of this sweet boy. More pictures here.


Week 9 | Another snow day. This time we are talking! (more images here)


Week 10 | Whoopsie. We missed a week.

Week 11 | Sometimes an iPhone pic will have to do. E’s dance recital.


Week 11 | Whoopsie. Missed a week again. This might be the 42 week project when we’re all said and done

Week 12 | Sweet. Sweet. Moments.


Week 13 | Bath time with friends

2015-06-16_0001Week 14 | Easter!

2015-04-08_0005Week 15 |  The Masters is on!


Week 16 |  Prepping for her new ‘big girl’ room. 30 weeks pregnant.


2015-06-16_0006Week 17 | First night in her ‘big girl’ room.


Week 18 |  Celery stalks and iPad time


So, while I loved the idea of a 52 week project, I failed miserably. Life is way too busy for me to be able to keep up with a photo each week on my blog…however, that doesn’t mean I’m not snapping away still! I have been successful the past two years to put together a end of year video so let this stand as my 52 week project:)

Password: 2015

Our Life | Year 2015 from Stacey Decker on Vimeo.

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