7 year itch? Not a chance.

This year we are celebrating our 7th anniversary. My how the time has flown. It seems hard to believe that it was 7 years ago we were in Harbour Island celebrating our wedding with all of our friends and family. What a day to remember. You can view that day here.

Last year we decided to take our first trip back to the island since our wedding. We were greeted by the locals with the same welcome we remembered from years ago. It’s such a tiny island that they treat you like family and always remember you by name. err…or… maybe thats cause our guests created such an uproar back in February 2007 that we were hard to forget!:)Nevertheless, it was a memorable visit back to the island where we said ‘I do’.

2014-02-09_00012014-02-09_00022014-02-09_00032014-02-09_00042014-02-09_00052014-02-09_0006A visit to Sip Sip. One of our favorite lunch spots with one of the most amazing views. So we had some sip sips.2014-02-09_0007Rich-drink-jpgphoto2014-02-09_00082014-02-09_00092014-02-09_00102014-02-09_00112014-02-09_0012Emma Reflection_edited-2Emma-beach-footprints_edited-12014-02-09_00132014-02-09_00142014-02-09_00162014-02-09_00362014-02-09_00382014-02-09_00322014-02-10_00022014-02-10_00012014-02-09_00172014-02-09_0018Emma eating conch!! She’s MUCH braver than I am.


2014-02-09_0023and on the last day of our trip, much to our surprise, we stopped by the Rock House (the place we had our reception) to have lunch with the family and friends we traveled with, only to find that they had a complete party celebration planned for us. An amazing food buffet, a vintage bottle of Dom, and the same band that played at our wedding. Wow. How amazingly sweet of them and what a huge surprise. If I had known I would’ve showered that morning!;)We had a blast.


Followed that evening with a yummy dinner, more dancing, and cigars. (shh. don’t tell Emma)


We hated to leave this island of beauty. The island we were engaged on. The island of our nuptials. And now the first stamp on Emma’s passport. This place has meaning. An island that will always be our favorite.

2014-02-09_0037Til next time…


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Gorgeous! You have such a talent! Miss you bunches! Love you!, Kp

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