About Me

Vintage-Frame-About-Me-mmABOUT ME

My photography comes from the inspiration of having my first daughter. I got my first DSLR just before she was born in December 2010. It sat and collected dust for a good year before I gained courage to learn how to use it. I’ve always loved photography, but even more, photojournalism – telling a story through photos. It wasn’t until her birth that I realized the importance, the need, and the desire to capture these moments.

I love that our minds think in pictures. We are imaginative creatures and our mind is filled with images. Photography has become my way of capturing and sharing some of the beautiful images I see everyday.

My pictures are pure and from the heart. My goal is to capture the emotion in the special beings that surround me. That being my family, my daughters, our friends, and sometimes even strangers. This journey is a mere attempt to make our life stand still. To remember each moment.