best dad a girl could ask for

Emma’s already gotten to the age where she will refer to us in short as ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, in lieu of ‘daddy’ and ‘mommy’. The kid is 3. How does all this happen so quick? Something changes that word by subtracting that simple ‘y’ to the end of it.  Fortunately she doesn’t do it all of the time. Either way, one thing is for sure; I know that no matter where life takes her, or how old she may be, this man will always be her ‘daddy’. I’ve learned through my own discovery, that she’ll never understand the depth in which he loves her until she has a child of her own.

Happy Father’s Day to one really amazing daddy.

(photos – Hatteras vacation 2014)2014-06-13_00012014-06-13_00082014-06-15_00012014-06-13_0004

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