Blake in One-derland!

I am still shocked that one year has passed us by. It seems like just yesterday you were born. Watching this video reminds me of our first moments getting to know each other. And looking at these newborn pictures makes me realize you still give us that same fierce look with those eyes, just now 12 months older. Here we are, on Fathers Day, celebrating your first birthday. You and your sister, who was born on Christmas, just really enjoy sharing your birthday.

This first year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs; you made sure to keep me up through the night for at least 10.5 months but you now sleep through the night and I really appreciate it! You chose to refuse every pacifier invented until the day we stopped nursing, and now, ironically, you love having a pacifier. I credit this to you sleeping through the night! You definitely have proven to know how to manipulate me already.

You and your big sister amaze me every day with how well you play together and how much she adores you! You’re crawling as fast as you can, cruising the furniture, and standing on your own, but waiting to take those first steps. You’re as curious as they come, not scared of much, and you love a good party! Never closing an eye if there is something fun going on! You have always been a very happy baby! We love you more than you know! Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby girl!

2016-06-19_00012016-06-19_00022016-06-19_00032016-06-19_00042016-06-19_00052016-06-19_00062016-06-19_00072016-06-19_00082016-06-19_0009and of course, it’s only fair for Miss Emma to share in some half-birthday gifts since Blake gets gifts on Emma’s birthday.

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