Blake is O-fish-ally TWO years old!

Time slow down!! 2 years later and this sweet little firecracker is celebrating a new birthday. She’s full of energy and a lot of love! She has a mind of her own, will fight the good fight (just to get her way), but loves hard! Real hard. Hugs are plentiful, kisses are many, and of course, they are for e’rrybody! Her best method of getting her way is a piercing scream that is sure to get everyones attention. At 2 years old, she doesn’t mind being the center of that! She may or may not get that honest.

The girl loves to dance, and sing (or mumble to a tune), and is happy to be the last one standing at a party. I’m curious how this will pan out for me in those teenage years. She would rather be outside than inside and refuses to watch a tv or iPad. The pediatric rule of no tv til you’re two actually applied to this kid. Not by choice because sometimes it is a good babysitter;)

The girl hates a mess (like her dad), cleans the leaves off the streets, picks up litter in a restaurant, and screams terribly over most bugs (like her mother). Although, she will stomp an ant like its nobodys business (like her dad). She loves books and has quite a few words in her vocabulary. Specifically, command words. And she likes to use them.  ”MOMMA”, “DADDA”, “HERE!”, “GO”, “MOOOOORE”. The rest she pretty much mumbles in which no one can understand except the parents, of course.

Recently we finished an infant survival swim class because this sweet girl lives with little fear! She loves to swim, splash, and jump in the deep end when your back is turned so we celebrated her 2nd birthday with her favorites! Family, a pool, sugar, and plenty of fish.

Happy 2nd birthday to my blue eyed Blake!! We adore you. 2017-06-19_00062017-06-19_00192017-06-19_00052017-06-19_00082017-06-19_00092017-06-19_00102017-06-19_00112017-06-19_00122017-06-19_00132017-06-19_00142017-06-19_00152017-06-19_0016Of course, no story is complete without showing the truth behind a 2 year old. Photos on the beach are destined to fail when the little fish ONLY wants to run straight for the ocean. 2017-06-19_0001And not only is Blake 2 years old, but her sister who was born on Christmas is SIX and a half!!! So of course we share celebration with her!

Emma is the BEST big sister I ever could’ve imagined. She takes care of her sister, plays with her always, and they genuinely enjoy each others company. I never expected that and have been blown away by the companionship. She has grown up so much this year and has learned more than I could’ve ever imagined in kindergarten. She now reads the books to her sister that I used to read to her when she was little. Goodnight moon is a favorite. She danced, played soccer, and field hockey this year and remains the most competitive little girl I’ve ever met. She loves sports, board games, and is starting to come out of her shyness shell. She’s curious, compassionate, and definitely a daddys girl!! Blake will have to compete hard for that place. I’m not sure she’ll win. Emma hates to lose.

We love you bunches, Emma G. All six and half of you!


And to finish the birthday fun, while Emma was in camp, we had fun splashing around at Botanical Gardens.

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