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How is my first born already 8?

There are some birthdays that seem like just another passing year and there are others that hit you right in the gut.View full post »

Christmas 2018

Another year, another Christmas. Always so fun to experience the holidays in the eyes of your child. We had a wild, butView full post »

Halloween 2018

I never have been a big Halloween fan, but for some reason I just love taking pictures of these kiddos in character.View full post »

First Day of Second Grade…

Back to early mornings… It was a steamy one this morning. Off to second grade. Its alway a bittersweet momentView full post »

Following in her sisters foot steps..

Blake started preK 3 today at Cape Henry which is the same track her sister took. She was excited to be in her cousinsView full post »

Young, Wild, & Three!

Blakes 3rd birthday was a fun one! There is NO better theme than this one (Young, Wild, & Three) for this crazy,View full post »

A Royal Wedding…

Prince Harry is getting married! And we were invited! Ok, maybe not… but we sure know how to party like we were.View full post »

The Journey… A 365 day project that lasted 77 days.

So, I thought it was a good idea to start a project to document our life. One picture each day for 365 days. Each dayView full post »