Happy 5th Birthday to my Emma G…

I can not believe that 5 years have came and went. How can that be? How can she be 5 years old, already? Bringing Blake home from the hospital proved that she was no longer a sweet little baby but maturing to be a sweet young child. She’s no longer a newborn, a baby, a toddler, a waddler, a tot, but now she’s a “kid”….a big kid. A 5 year old that says please and thank you. A “kid” that can make her own bath, take her own shower, get herself dressed (when she decides thats what she wants to do!), a kid that can write her name and most of her family and friends names, a kid that yearns to spell and yearns to read, a kid that is ah’mazing at drawing and creating masterpieces, a kid that loves to dance, a kid that proves she’s determined to swim well and be a good soccer player, a kid that is maternal to her baby sister, a kid that loves to help and loves to make her mommy and daddy proud. I am beyond blessed on how beautiful she is on the inside and out…Happy 5th Birthday to my Emma G…

We celebrated with a joint birthday party with our best pal, Parker Rose. The girls have been in a My Little Pony phase so we did our best to bring fantasy to reality. Emma’s favorite is Rainbow Dash while Parker’s favorite is Fluttershy. The weather was a warm 77 degrees and the kids had a magical time!


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