Snow Day 2015

The first ‘real’ snow day of 2015 that was nothing more than a sheet of ice. But of course the kiddo’s made the best of it with friends.

Snowman pancakes. Only on special occasions and she ate every-last-bite!

2015-02-17_00012015-02-17_00022015-02-17_00032015-02-17_00042015-02-17_00052015-02-17_00062015-02-17_00072015-02-17_00082015-02-17_00092015-02-17_00102015-02-17_0011It’s all fun and games til someone gets ice burn on their face. 2015-02-17_0012

2015-02-17_00132015-02-17_00162015-02-17_00172015-02-17_0015and lastly, a picture of my very happy kid.


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