Snow? We don’t get snow?

So, the last time it REALLY snowed in Virginia Beach (ok – the last time I can remember at least!) was the day Emma was born. We locals like to say ‘it doesn’t snow here’. Or if it does, a slight dusting is enough to close our town down. The last time I remember it REALLY (definition of ‘REALLY’ = at least 3″ or more) snowing in Virginia Beach was when Emma was born in 2010. Not only did it snow in our town but it snowed on Christmas which REALLY REALLY doesn’t happen (definition of ‘REALLY REALLY’ = doesn’t doesn’t happen).

So, last year – we got ourselves a good dusting. It REALLY wasn’t all that much but enough to make the most of it. We went to Mr. Ragan’s house to ‘putt’ around.snow day Va beach 2012But, this year it not only snowed but it REALLY REALLY REALLY snowed in our town! Woo hoo! So, we had to revisit Parker’s gramp to see what shenanigans he was up to this year. He never lets us down!



After a long day of sledding we all headed back to our house to grill some hamburgers. Trey did a great job plowing the deck.2014-01-30_0016and to top the night off, we were blessed with a sunset as beautiful as this.

DSC_0289-sunset copy-facebook

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