The Journey… A 365 day project that lasted 77 days.

So, I thought it was a good idea to start a project to document our life. One picture each day for 365 days. Each day you were given a word assignment that you had to interpret into a picture. While I loved this because it brought out creativity and challenged me to take pictures I wouldn’t normally have, I also felt like it was homework that would become an added stress to get completed in our already busy lives. So, it didn’t last because the reality is… Photography for me is a hobby, and when it feels like it is a “job”, I back away from it entirely. I had to set my camera down and get back to what is important which is living in the every day. And if that meant my iPhone was my camera to capture that moment, then that was ok. Balance. Its been a hard one for me to learn with juggling work, activities, charity, and life. But each year, I learn a little more on how to prioritize and balance what really matters.


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