Another Christmas (AND BIRTHDAY) to Remember

Emma actually entertained the thought of sitting on Santa’s lap this year. Mainly, to ask for one request. A Furby. My grandma has one of the original Furby’s and Emma took a liken’ to it. So, from then on, all she wanted from Santa was this talking toy. (Oh, then later she tacked on a bicycle as an additional request. I think daddy helped put that in her head.)

So, we went to the Cavalier to see Santa this year. As soon as we got close to him, it was a fail. As it has been every year. So, mommy sat on his lap while Emma sat on mine. Lucky guy.;)Being that close she didn’t want to look at him…. but she whispered out ‘i want a furby’   Just enough for her wish to come true.


Christmas morning & her birthday make for lots of extra presents. We try to keep her birthday special so we started the tradition of a birthday tree. This year she really helped trimmed the tree. And, yes, it has two ‘m’ in trim. Who knew?;)

2014-02-01_00182014-02-01_00022014-02-01_0019Emma would often find her sneaky Elf (named ‘sneaky’) eating her candy or coloring pictures of her.


Emma got a special ornament from her best friend Parker. She literally would hold it in her hands every day.


We prepared the house with fresh baked cookies for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer.

2014-02-01_0003And so she woke up to find her special things waiting for her.

2014-02-01_00042014-02-01_00052014-02-01_00062014-02-01_00072014-02-01_00082014-02-01_0009Out of all of the gifts…. she spent most of her morning with this gift. The cleaning set. She’s definitely got some of her daddy’s blood.2014-02-01_00142014-02-01_0011And after opening all of the cool gifts, we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast that daddy prepared.


And I’m proud to say, I will no longer be the only one in the house capturing our special moments. We now have a new photog amongst us.


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