Duck Days…

I am blessed to have some really thoughtful and amazing friends. Friends who I admire as mothers and who genuinely enjoy the innocence and simplicity of childhood. They are the type of mothers who begin thinking of halloween costumes before summers end and whose creativity makes our children’s arts and crafts end up being something that you really do want to hang on the wall. I respect their ideas and fun creative ways. But it’s our kids (me included) that really get to enjoy their mother’s knack. I always fall back on nostalgic memories of life as a child and wish that I had pictures to remember it more clear. Our efforts to replicate those times give me the urge to capture it all. There is just something about the innocence of dancing on a dock, in Duck North Carolina, listening to music, spectators a glare, while the sun sets, and letting your mind be free. The beauty of a child’s free spirit is undeniable. But more importantly, the beauty of sharing it with friends is what warms the soul.


Thank you for making my birthday weekend extra special. I couldn’t ask for better friends.


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