Lucky Girl I Am…

So, as you may of read, I started my interest in photography when my daughter was born. I always liked photography but never had a real reason to pursue it! When I got my first DSLR (Nikon D3100) in December 2010, I was unsure of how to use it outside of the auto settings. I thought buying a nice camera meant getting good images. I passed the opportunity in the hospital of Emma’s newborn pics because I thought my camera would do the trick. I was wrong and that is one regret I still have today.

With my perked interest in photography, I started looking at other photographer’s for inspiration. One of those photographers was Munchkins & Mohawks. Her images are amazingly artistic, whimsical, and very dreamy. They say you have a *style* in photography. Everyone has a unique talent and sometimes that takes time to find. I’m not real sure what mine is. I think I’m all over the place.;)But I do know that her images are somewhere I’d love to be someday. A goal to work toward.

So, as I followed her, I noticed she happened to be traveling to my town for vacation this past summer. As luck would have it! What are the odds of that? I, of course, begged and pleaded with my husband that this was an opportunity that wouldn’t present itself again. He seemed disinterested in the idea of it. Until this one day… when he decided to let me know it was all a surprise. He got me the photo session that I had hoped for!! I was beyond excited and now have images of my daughter and I, and our family, in a way I never imagined.

And a special thanks to my great friend, Marni with Ainslee’s Attic, for letting us destroy her belongings to collect props for the photo shoot. I’m so grateful to have friends with such talents.

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Grandpa Chris

I really enjoyed your wonderfull pictures. All of you are so
photogenic and I am so proud of you! I hope you don’t spoil
Emma as much as you have been!

love and miss you,

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