Super Party for Super Hero’s!

If there is ever a children’s birthday party to remember, this is the one.  And since my memory is as good as a kid remembering their 1 year old birthday, I figure I’ll go ahead and document it here.

We celebrated our good pal Bennett’s 5th birthday. Hosted by The Whimsical Wish, this party came fully equipped for super hero fun. It was a never ending birthday that seemed to have it all, including:

  • Cookie decorating
  • tattoos
  • coloring
  • games
  • capes & cuffs
  • graduating super hero certificates
  • rings with super powers and other goodies
  • yummy lunch
  • and the most delicious super hero cupcakes one could ever eat!

The girls from The Whimsical Wish literally took the stress off the parents, let the family enjoy their day with the birthday boy, and made the parents look like super heros for throwing such an amazing birthday party! Although, I already consider my pal Molly a super mom. Pretty positive she has 36 hours in her day!


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