Why starting school was so difficult this year…


This year was different. New school. New faces. New journey. Emma is no newbie to preschool. In fact, she started pre school just after she turned 2 years old. But one thing was different this year – she would begin a new path that would separate her from her best friend, Parker.  Since she was born, she has had this girl by her side in everything she does. One might think that this was her sibling, or often asked; a twin? Curly cue’s, Thelma and Louise, yin to my yang. These two have been inseparable. Until this year.

Without her friend by her side, Emma joined a new school this year. And it wasn’t without sadness, guilt, apprehension,  and every other feeling along the way. Our night time bed talks consisted of tears, nervousness, jitters, and questions of why her best friend won’t be with her at her new school. She’s never started school without her bestie by her side. This is the first time the two girls paths will embark their own journey and lead them to their own. But I guarantee one thing, as explained to Emma, they will continue to spend many days, afternoons, and activities together – and she will still be her best friend by her side.

{insert tears here}

1st day of Pre-school, All Saints, January 2013 – Age 2


Returning back to All Saints – September 2013 – 3′s class, Age 2.5

so excited to see each other on their first day of school. As if they hadn’t seen each other since yesterday.


2014-08-23_00042014-08-23_0005giving sloppy kisses2014-08-23_00062014-08-23_00072014-08-23_00082014-08-23_00092014-08-23_00112014-08-23_00122014-08-23_00132014-08-23_0014Our first day at a new school. August 2014, Age 3 – with comfort knowing her teachers name is Mrs. Parker

2014-08-23_00152014-08-23_00162014-08-23_00172014-08-23_0018This is how cousin feels about the first day of school. And the camera in his face.2014-08-23_0019Lucky to have her cousin in her class this year.2014-08-23_0020

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Aww, thank you Robyn! She still talks about you so much. And kept saying she wanted to go back to Teacher Robyn’s class before starting this new school. Thanks for taking such good care of her!

Robyn Hofheimer

Oh Stacey! How perfectly you have captured their bond with words! There really is none other like it in the world. They are chosen sisters. Emma will thrive in her new school as will Jack! All Saints is going to miss them both! Sending your whole family love and hugs! Tell Emma I’m very proud of her! – Teacher Robyn

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