How is my first born already 8?

There are some birthdays that seem like just another passing year and there are others that hit you right in the gut. How is my first born child already 8 years old. Her mannerisms, her maturity, her poise, her gaze, her growing body, her personality, HER! She has grown so very much. Of all the years, I feel like this one is the one that shifted her into that next stage of life.

Now, we work on independence, how to cook, chores, responsibility, ways to earn money, how to spend responsibly, we reinforce manners and talk about inclusion, emotions and hormones, and learn more of the truth about life. Its time to shelter less. Its time to talk about real life things. Earthquakes or hurricanes or politics or danger… Not to cause her fear.  But to bring awareness to the inevitable and so that she understands these things. It is time to bring awareness to the reality of life around her. So that when she hears these things at school, she understands and is not naive to it and understands the depth of whatever it may be.

This past year, she lost her two front baby teeth, she has come out of her shell of shyness, she will finally talk to adults, she has honed into the sport of gymnastics, she has developed deeper friendships, and carries a new level of conversations. We are officially turning a page and watching her blossom into a new stage of life. A new chapter. There is so much joy in watching her grow.

Its always fun to look back of how she’s grown… See pictures of Emma through the years here.


Emma for the day you read this blog… We love you so very much and are so very very proud of you. You will always be our first born and our Christmas Miracle. Thank you for being the bright, loving, child that you are.


2019-01-19_0011In lieu of a party this year she wanted a trip to DC to the American Girl Doll store AND a stay the Gaylord Hotel, which was busy with a cirque show, breakfast with Charlie brown, and Ice slide! We had a blast, in the busy holiday month, just us 4, enjoying the getaway and celebrating all things Emma!

2019-01-20_0002But of course, when we got back home I offered for a few friends to come by and make some slime! The “not a party” turned into a ton of fun and a ton of a clean up (gah!),  but she had a blast and she had her first ever sleepover!


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