A trip down memory lane…

So she’s now the lucky number 7! The one who made me a mother. I couldn’t help but take a moment to look back at how she’s grown over the years. Its so easy to forget that sweet little baby face. My chubby little baby has grown into such a beautiful little girl! I am so proud of her and so excited to continue to watch her grow.

A peek at baby Emma… due on 12/25/10 she decided to make her arrival on her due date, like only 5% of babies do. My water broke on Christmas eve night after a long night of hosting at my house. I went to bed at 11pm and thats when she decided she was ready to come into this world.


After a long labor of 21 hours with a hard labor of 3+ hours, she finally came into this world that Christmas night. But she was stillborn. She wasn’t crying. She layed with her arms dangling to the side and her head flopped back. I remember exactly the way she looked. Lifeless. The doctor pressed an emergency button on my bed in panic and the amazing NICU nurses at Virginia Beach General came rushing into my room and cut the cord and snatched Emma up and began resuscitating her immediately. Confused and scared we could do nothing but cry, out of sadness, instead of joy. It wasn’t but a minute or so later we heard her first little cry and I was told everything is going to be ok. Thank you lord for blessing us that Christmas. She laid on my chest and I laid there in pure exhaustion with no food or water in over 24 hours. I was physically and mentally worn out, but all I cared about was that she was healthy and ALIVE. It was 7:52pm when she was born at 8lbs 2oz, and just as she took her first breath, I was told it began snowing outside. We were having our first white Christmas. I say it all the time, but I do believe it… for us, she was every bit of our Christmas miracle.

2017-12-29_00042017-12-29_00032017-12-29_0002There is no doubt she is 100% a daddy’s girl. I always joke that she got my ears.;)

2017-12-29_00052017-12-29_00062017-12-29_0007And just like that, 7 years later…. click here to see her 7th birthday party!


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